5 Latest Businesses For Sale In Parnell

Auckland has many hidden gems amidst its natural wonders, and Parnell stands out among these because of its historical significance. The ancient st...

  • 5 Latest Businesses For Sale In Parnell
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    5 Latest Businesses For Sale In Parnell

    • Thursday 3rd of January 2019
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    Auckland has many hidden gems amidst its natural wonders, and Parnell stands out among these because of its historical significance. The ancient structures in the vicinity have been preserved with passion and continue to grab eyeballs. Parnell holds the position of being the first suburb of New Zealand and was established in 1841. One of the houses built in 1874 is still standing strong on the Parnell Rd which has become a sight to behold due to its exquisite woodwork. The Parnell Library Building, Neligan House, Terrace Houses, Kinder House and many others welcome tourists with their ornate architecture and charismatic splendour.

    These old facades are intertwined with inviting cafes, restaurants and retail shops in busy market precincts. The upmarket region is considered an affluent suburb and has been ranked among the top three wealthiest ones. The lush green hinterland offers beautiful views of the port, Auckland domain, Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island. The recent infrastructure development of the suburb has made it a sought-after place among the locals. The median house price has surged to $1.12 million and many exciting new bars and restaurants have mushroomed in the region.

    Being an integral part of Auckland, Parnell has witnessed a growth in its economy over the past decade. Located close to Broadway and Newmarket retail zones, it has itself shaped up into a thriving commercial region. The high-class and exclusive stores in Parnell boast of designer apparels, handcrafted jewellery, and delicate homeware. The glamorous eateries serve everything from Italian to Japanese cuisines under swanky settings. It is also within the reach of two prominent universities, which has made many families move to the suburb. The growing population and the interest shown by tourists in its heritage buildings have made it a sought-after destination. Many business minded people are finding this classy suburb to be an ideal choice to acquire one of the businesses for sale in New Zealand. The lavishness and cultural heritage make it all the more appropriate for savvy entrepreneurs as well as first-time buyers. Let us take a look at the latest business opportunities in the suburb to help the prospective buyers in their quest for the ideal investment.

    1. Cafe and Coffee Shops For Sale In Parnell

    With the burgeoning coffee culture in the suburb, it is no doubt that the cafes are thriving. From ritzy and opulent to the cosy and comfortable ones, you will find all kinds here. The rise in number of tourists and the love for coffee have made this a lucrative proposition for investors. With the acquisition of an established cafe, you can become your own boss and express your creativity in the kitchen to whip up unique flavours and aromas.

    Baristas across the world yearn to own a cafe which can fulfil their culinary desires and satiate the taste buds of the guests. An existing and well-recognised brand brings quick financial rewards and success as compared to a start-up. You can save the money spent in brand building and the effort in setting up the shop. If you want to purchase a cafe for sale in Parnell, then click on the link below to find the best opportunities in the market.


    To have a look at various other oportunities for business for sale in Parnell, Auckland visit here


    2. Restaurants For Sale In Parnell

    Similar to cafes, restaurants are the most visited commercial spots in this vibrant suburb where locals and tourists congregate to enjoy good meals and hearty laughs. The cafe and restaurant industry in New Zealand reached the astonishing mark of $6 billion in 2018. Consequently, purchasing restaurants which have a well-known reputation and are recognised for serving quality food has become a dream cherished by many. If you too share this aspiration, then you must grab the opportunities available in Parnell.

    The restaurants for sale come with the benefit of acquiring a turnkey business which enjoys a substantial fan-following among the target audience. You will enjoy low inventory prices as the suppliers are in long standing relationship with the seller. You don’t have to go through the hassles of finding a location and procuring all the licenses. You can start earning excellent margins and live a high-quality life from the start. So go ahead and pick one business opportunity in Parnell, Auckland, from the listings on the link given below.


    To have a look at many more restaurants for sale in Auckland, visit here


    3. Takeaway Shops For Sale In Parnell

    With the resident population becoming more engrossed in their professional lives and dealing with the stress of travel, takeaway food comes as a respite. People either pick it up on their way home or get it delivered to their doorstep to take pleasure in a comfortable meal at home. The established takeaway shops are usually serving fast-food and finger foods which take less time in preparation and consumption.

    These foods are relished as snacks and can be easily ordered online or through the Smartphone apps. There are many advantages of owning this business. Firstly, you don’t have to manage the customers and maintain the premises. Secondly, the overheads are much lower when compared to running a restaurant and thirdly, you have the flexibility to operate whenever you want. If you are interested in taking over a promising takeaway shop for sale in Parnell, then take a look the listings on the following link.


    For a broader scope, have a look at an array of takeaway shops for sale in Auckland here


    4. Bottle Shops For Sale In Parnell

    Liquor is always in high demand in every part of the world. Thus owning a bottle shop is a rewarding opportunity that should be grabbed with both the hands. The growing taste of the people in premium spirits and craft beer has helped in the progress of the industry. Liquor retailing in New Zealand garnered revenue to the tune of $ 2 billion in 2018. It extends the possibility of building a relationship in the community and become a part of the local celebrations.

    If you get to takeover an existing bottle shop, you get these relationships as additional perks along with the business. You will have access to the license to operate and don’t have to toil to get any further permission. Literally, the stage is set for you. The assorted stock and the list of suppliers will help you get settled in the business easily and start earning from day one. So if you wish to become a part of the prosperous liquor industry, then check out the listings on the link below.


    For many more options for business for sale in Auckland, visit here


    5. Accommodation Businesses For Sale In Parnell

    The increasing fascination among people to explore new vistas has become greater than ever. All across the globe, both young and old are now travelling to places which offer exotic settings, delicious food and a cosmopolitan culture. Parnell is no exception. With rising attraction towards its historic sites, owning accommodation has become a lucrative option to earn an income.

    Besides offering apartments with views to tourists, these can be utilised as holiday homes or leased to companies for corporate travellers. The amplifying prices of real estate have further made investing in property a smart move for entrepreneurs. If you too are planning to put your money in accommodation business for sale in Parnell, then check out the listings on the link given below.


    To have a look at many more options for accommodation businesses for sale in Auckland, visit here



    Parnell has been slowly gaining pace in the commercial sector and is now positioned as a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Its historically rich landscape is dotted with businesses which can be bought by passionate individuals to lead a desirable life.

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