6 Ways to Become a Better Business Leader

Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are the prominent names that come to mind when we think about inspiring global leaders. There are mil...

  • 6 Ways to Become a Better Business Leader
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    6 Ways to Become a Better Business Leader

    • Updated: Monday 5th of April 2021
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    Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are the prominent names that come to mind when we think about inspiring global leaders. There are millions who want to fill their shoes but lack the assertiveness and zeal to lead an entire organisation. Leading is not only about commanding authority, but it also requires creating an empowering environment where careers can flourish. It involves creating a culture of productivity and collaborations that harmoniously work towards common business goals.

    However, leading requires going through a transformation where you become responsible for getting things done rather than doing them yourself. A leader has to tap into the potential of the employees and bring out the best in them to make them succeed. As a budding entrepreneur, who plans to acquire a business for sale in New Zealand, you must prepare yourself to don the hat of a leader. Here are six ways to become a passionate, strong, and encouraging leader who can go the extra mile to make his team successful.

    1. Create A Trustworthy Work Culture

    As the owner of the organisation, the entrepreneur becomes responsible for the people employed in the company. He must act as a role model and lead by example. It helps in building trust and instilling confidence in the workforce. They feel that they are needed and will be guided by the leader whenever they need help or motivation. The easiest way of building trust is to be available and accessible.

    Although the tag of CEO comes with an extensive list of responsibilities, you cannot leave your employees to fend for themselves. You need to be present and visible and be ready to take charge whenever needed and provide solutions when requested. Do not give importance to people based on their qualification and position in the company. Create an equalitarian platform where all the team members feel recognised and a significant part of the organisation.

    2. Learn How To Be A Team Leader

    Besides being the face of the company and the final decision maker, you have to be an able head or supervisor. If you think you lack the qualities of a leader, you must understand your style of management. Evaluate how your leadership is perceived by others and how it can be improved to avoid dominance and build a democratic atmosphere. You can take help from books written by leaders across the world and inculcate qualities that promote a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and learning.

    As a leader, you must learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. Identify your weak areas and work on them to make them your strengths. For example, if you tend to become rash with your subordinates, which is not appreciated by them, you need to relax a bit and give them the chance to prove themselves.

    3. Become A Team Worker

    Do not let the feeling of becoming the boss make you feel superior. Best leaders are always humble and down to earth and understand that it is human to make mistakes. Build a rapport with your employees and people who directly report to you so that you can have a valuable exchange of ideas. Indulge in activities that are your core strengths and help your team with your profound insights.

    You can get involved in team meetings and brainstorming sessions to become a part of all the significant projects and show them the way. With your friendly approach, you can rest assured that the subordinates will come to you in case of a problem rather than delaying the work and annoying the clients. As a leader, you must help the team to turn the obstacles into opportunities. The cohesive environment will help in creating strong connections and associations that will go a long way in strengthening the foundation of the company.

    4. Motivate and Help Them Grow

    The biggest motivation for the employees comes from being delegated important tasks by the management. Every business is dependent on its workforce, and its efficiency relies on its capabilities and proficiency. Thus, the leaderships should push the employees to give their best and go above and beyond to accomplish both personal and business goals. New Zealand restricted the pandemic by following the leaders and strictly maintaining the safety protocol. It proves that strong leadership can work wonders in times of crisis.

    The entrepreneur must ask all the managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and then train them accordingly. It must be the responsibility of the managers to bring everyone on the same page and deliver the best results. The ones who show promise and achieve the milestones should be rewarded appropriately and recognised in front of others to develop an inspiring environment. It will help them to realise their true potential and work harder towards the company objectives.

    5. Engage in Effective Communication

    Communication is the most significant aspect of leadership as a poor orator cannot inspire or motivate others. If you think you lack in this space, you need to brush your public speaking skills and listening ability to take feedback from your employees. You should be able to communicate the goals and the vision of the company in a clear and concise manner so that everyone can work towards them.

    You must ask questions, invite opinions, and maintain transparency. Do not use industry jargons to show off your knowledge or expertise and ask for individual contributions. Keep your body language in alignment with verbal communication by maintaining eye contact and displaying hand movements that display your frankness and eagerness. Also, make sure that the ideas and feedback received are implemented so that the employees are enthused about presenting their views.

    6. Encourage Creativity

    Empowerment stems from giving people the authority to make their own decisions. Thus, it is overly critical to delegate work to your subordinates so that you will have more free time to build the organisation. Also, when you make others take charge of the work, you must understand that there is more than one way of completing the task. You must offer the freedom and flexibility to your workers that help them to grow and feel stimulated to offer creative inputs.

    As the leader, you must remember that there will be hurdles in the path and you will have to devise new ways of engaging and liaising. However, you must have the patience and tenaciousness to move past them with renewed vigour and never lose sight of the goals.


    Great leaders keep improving their skills and working on enhancing the abilities of their workforce to support the organisation. Thus, if you plan to purchase a business for sale in New Zealand, you must imbibe all the qualities of a true leader to make your venture a favourable and productive workplace.

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