Buyer Area

By Registering with us you also get to maintain all your Bookmarked listigns in one place and track their status.

We also provide you with one place to hold all the enquiries you have sent. Business2Sell is always looking for the ways to improve website experience, if you have a suggetion we want to know it.. please dont wait any longer and contact us how we can improve to make your buying business experience a breez.


How do i Register as a Business Buyer?

You can register as a business buyer in less than 3 mins. Just follow the steps below and start managing your bookmarked business listings.

  1. From the Homepage, Click on the Menu button on the top right to open the menu sidebar. This will display the side menu bar which you can use to browse through the website.

  2. In the Sidebar, click on “Buyer Registration” and you will be redirected to the buyer registration form.

  3. In this form, simply fill your details and Click on “Create Buyer Account”

  4. Once you have completed step 3, you will be redirected to your admin panel. Where you can view your saved listings