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  • Thousands of potential buyers every day
  • Unlimited Images for each Business Listing
  • Display your Phone number
  • Email comes Directly to you
  • Enquiry Control Panel for email backup.
  • Social Media Boost for your businesses
How much does it cost for Private Sellers to list on Business2Sell?
List your business for free on Business2Sell until your business is sold. No cost, no catch.
How many listings can a Private Seller add?
Private Sellers are allowed 1 listing.
I have a buyer ready to buy my business, what should I do next?
Business2Sell is not a Business Broker Agent, so legally we are unable to advise you on how to sell your business. For specific advise we highly recommend you consult a certified business broker.

How to sell business with

  • 1 Step Create Account

  • 2 Step Payment

  • 3 Step Create

  • 4 Step Finish

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  • How to Prepare Your Business for Sale
    • Monday 29th of June 2015
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    You do not go about every day of your life, selling your business. You do it only once and you need to make sure you get it right after all your business is no less dear to you than your own house, or any other of your valuable assets. You can in no way sell it for an amount which is less than what it

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    • Tuesday 26th of May 2015
    • By Manish Khanna

    For an entrepreneur who has set the business from its very first stepping stone, selling it is more of an emotional and personal decision rather than professional. As an entrepreneur you might have any of the reasons sighted below to sell your business: As a venture capitalist, you wish to move on and

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