5 Most Profitable Businesses For Sale in Christchurch

You may have been feeling invigorated with the bold decision of quitting your job and opting for business ownership. However, you need to understan...

  • 5 Most Profitable Businesses For Sale in Christchurch
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    5 Most Profitable Businesses For Sale in Christchurch

    • Wednesday 5th of June 2019
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    You may have been feeling invigorated with the bold decision of quitting your job and opting for business ownership. However, you need to understand that although entrepreneurship is a rewarding career choice, it comes with its fair share of challenges. From securing funding for the venture to undertaking market research and finding a suitable territory, there are myriad decisions which need to be made to ensure success.

    When you are planning to become a part of the commercial sector of the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, you can’t take chances. The first and foremost responsibility as an aspiring entrepreneur is to find the most profitable businesses in your chosen geographical region. Christchurch is the third most populated city in the country and has a strong commercial foundation. Thus you can find a plethora of opportunities here.

    If you are looking for profitable businesses for sale in New Zealand and have your eyes set on Christchurch, then you need to be aware of the most lucrative industries operating in the region in 2019. Let us make the search easier by offering a comprehensive list of the top five businesses to own in the city.

    1. Bakery For Sale In Christchurch

    Bakery items are a staple in New Zealand. You will find a bakery in every busy precinct of the city. Despite there being so many of them, every region has room for more as the locals are addicted to the fresh and soft bread, muffins, pastries, pies, etc. From walnut and chocolate brownies to banana bread, there is a range of flavours to suit every taste bud. You can indulge in every kind, ranging from cupcakes to mushy bakes at any time of the day.

    These bakeries are loaded with sumptuous desserts, which help to make the snacking experience even more appetising. From large plant-sized bakeries to small cosy neighbourhood ones, they are a mainstay in the food industry. The people here are attached to the local bakeries which have become a part of their community life. Moreover, the industry generated revenue of $635 million in 2018-19. Thus investing in bakeries for sale in Christchurch is a prudent decision which can help in the creation of a local icon. To find the best opportunities for a bakery for sale in Christchurch, click on the link below.


    2. Franchise For Sale In Christchurch

    According to the Franchising New Zealand Survey 2017, the country is the most franchised in the world as 631 franchisors and 37,000 franchise units were operating in New Zealand in 2017. Over 70% of these franchises are home-grown which shows the confidence of entrepreneurs in this business format. It gives an opportunity to inexperienced individuals to start trading as an established brand and extends the advantage of ongoing support from the franchisor.

    It is viewed as a low-risk business model which is accompanied by the benefits of training and marketing support. The legwork is reduced to a minimum as you get a well set-up business waiting to be managed by an able leader. If you have been looking for a similar opportunity for a franchise for sale in Christchurch, then take a look at the listing given below.


    3. Takeaway Food Shops For Sale In Christchurch

    The takeaway industry has become all the more prolific in the past few years in the major cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Mobile food services such as food trucks are moving up the popularity charts with their locally sourced ingredients that give a fresh twist to the fare. Many have diversified to include vegetarian and vegan menus which have amplified the clientele. The country has become one of the fastest-growing takeaway markets in the whole world.

    Almost 1.2 million people order takeaway delivery in New Zealand. The food delivery apps like Menulog and UberEATS have become the easiest way to order food online and get it delivered to your home. If you too want to own a well-established takeaway food business for sale in Christchurch, then check out this listing given below.


    4. Automotive Business For Sale In Christchurch

    The automotive industry has been flourishing in the country since 1898 when two Benz cars were imported from Paris. Many assembly plants set shops in New Zealand in the coming years and various international brands entered the market. Naturally, with the burgeoning use of motor vehicles, the need for workshops and service centres amplified.

    From utility vehicles for farmers to trendy modes of transport being offered by General Motors, Ford, Todd Motors and others - these workshops can repair and overhaul everything. The growing demand for this service and professionals has boosted the repair industry. If you have a keen interest in the mechanism of automotive and wish to spend your time upgrading them, then you must take up this business opportunity. Follow the link below for more information on the options for automtive business for sale in Christchurch.


    5. Online Businesses For Sale In Christchurch

    The digital revolution has changed the way we consume information, communicate with others, pay the utility bills, and shop for essentials. Online shopping has become all the rage in New Zealand. The percentage of Kiwis shopping online is expected to reach 83% by 2026. The convenience of shopping at the click of a button while sitting in your pyjamas at home is absolute bliss. The consumer doesn’t have to scurry his/her way through shoppers in a busy store or drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

    Naturally, it is becoming highly popular among the busy urban population and raking in huge profits for the business owners. From needles to furniture and real estate, everything is being sold online. It requires much less investment and sometimes offers the opportunity to work from home. If you want the perfect work-life balance, then you must have a look at available options for the online businesses for sale in Christchurch:



    Entrepreneurship is a satisfying career choice which allows you to make your mark in the industry. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, you can find suitable businesses for sale in New Zealand of your choice. However, it is advisable to delve into the sector which matches with your aspirations, experience, and has been performing successfully for decades.

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