Top 10 Businesses for Sale in Parnell for November

There are myriads of small and large businesses for sale in New Zealand. But finding the right one is extremely important.

  • Top 10 Businesses for Sale in Parnell for November
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    Top 10 Businesses for Sale in Parnell for November

    • Thursday 2nd of November 2017
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    There are myriads of small and large businesses for sale in New Zealand. But finding the right one is extremely important.

    Our wide array of business for sale includes cafes and restaurants, retail, transport, manufacturing, tourism and other service and product industries. Generally, entrepreneurs valued their business on the basis of assets and the cash surpluses generated.

    There are various risk factors involved in the businesses for sale like the degree of threat from existing or potential competitors and also, the changes in technology or consumer trends. One needs to stay prepared for any such contingencies and the business will be a great success.

    So if you are interested in buying a business in New Zealand, just decide the one that interests you. Here are the top 10 'Businesses for Sale in Parnell' in the month of November.

    Cafe and Coffee Shop

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Cafe and Coffee Shop

    Asking Price: $ 648,000

    An individual can enjoy coffee at any time of the day or night. If you have a coffee shop business plan in mind then make all your resources right and will be more profitable. So buying a Cafe and Coffee Shop in Parnell is definitely the right decision.

    There is a well-known café located in a prime location. You will also have great head office support to enhance sales instantly. One important aspect is that this business is currently operating under semi staff management. Also, they are serving in a shopping centre location which has high foot traffic. The weekly reports show sales over $16,000 to $17,000 and still growing.

    For more information on this Cafe and Coffee Shop Business for Sale in Parnell, Auckland

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    Baby Products

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Fashion

    Asking Price: $ 519,000

    The baby product business has witnessed a huge rise nowadays. You will find this business very profitable.Established business that is showing year on year growth since it started. The business has an excellent location in an trendy inner city suburb It is well located in a trendy inner-city suburb. This business has an excellent lease and quality fit out. Then, you will have a well-trained team in place. Buying a profitable business then further expanding it will help you in generating more income.

    For deatailed information on this Baby Products Business for Sale in Parnell, Auckland

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    Established Catering Company. Superb Premises

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Catering

    Asking Price: $ 330,000

    If you love to cook and are thinking about starting a business, then combine this two to make it a profession. Hence, buying a catering business in Parnell is surely a good choice. You will find myriads of a catering business in Parnell who has been trading for decades.

    The best part of this catering business is that they are operating from a well located and comprehensively equipped commercial kitchen in Albany. There you will see a huge inventory of plant including a fully self-contained mobile kitchen built into an Izuzu truck. Basically, they operate over two levels there is an in-house laundry abundant storage and a walk-in chiller. Mobile kitchen and 2 vans are included for sale. You are getting a unique opportunity to infuse some new energy and enthusiasm into this business. So, go through acquisition and take advantage of this strategically located business.

    For detailed information on this Established Catering Business for Sale in Parnell, Auckland

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    Childcare Auckland

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Child Care Center

    Asking Price: $ 595,000

    A child care centre is an early learning centre which prepares the children to develop their own distinctive individuality. If you have the love for kids and care for them and can provide them with a joyful, healthy environment then opening a child care is always a good option. If you go by the statistics of November, you will find Parnell the best place to start your childcare centre.

    It has a great location, MOE license for 29 (10 under 2). There you will find a long established and well-run centre which has good educational and learning systems. Additionally, they are very good in ERO reports, professionalism and have experienced teammates. The owner is wishing to retire, so buying this business is the best option.

    For detailed information on this Childcare Business for Sale in Parnell, Auckland

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    Flower Shop

    Location:Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Florist

    Asking Price: $ 10,000

    If you intend to buy a florist shop it means you are passionate about flowers. Then running a florist business will be a pleasurable experience for you. There are some leading florist shops for sale in Parnell.

    This long-established florist business is located in a central suburb and surrounded by retail shops and restaurants. In this flower business, customers’ requirement for flowers is mainly for funeral, wedding, events and offices. As per the statistics, the weekly average sales are $7000 plus. You are getting a guaranteed long secure lease. This shop opens 6 days a week. The vendor is selling this business after running it successfully for 11 years. In a way, you are getting a good assistance from the current owner as it is a successful running business.

    If the right opportunity knocks your door why not buy a florist? Here buying a business means you are getting a well-established business model to work on.

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    Mini Supermarket

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Convenience Stores

    Asking Price: $ 390,000

    If you are looking to buy a convenience store business, certain questions pop up in your mind. What are you dealing with? What challenges will you be facing? How to be successful in the market? Let me tell you Parnell is a place where people love to buy everything under the same roof. The statistics of November shows that convenience stores generate enormous capital in Parnell.

    This mini supermarket is well located in a busy suburb with dedicated car parking facility. The average weekly turnover of this business is $28,000 with good gross margins. Moreover, it has a huge storage capacity. The rent is $1,450 including GST and OPEX. You will have a long secured lease in place. The operating hours is Monday to Saturday between 07:30 am to 08:00 pm and on Sunday between 07:00 am to 07:00 pm.

    For more information on this Mini Supermarket Business for Sale in Parnell

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    The Business Landscape

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Garden Nursery

    Asking Price: $ 175,000

    In Parnell, you can see a multitude of landscape firm achieving greater heights. If you are looking for landscape business (building and landscaping supplies) then this is the best one.

    It has high volumes of customer sales ($1.63M). Well located with large trade yard. The sale of business also includes front loader, delivery trucks, customer loan trailers, buildings and fittings. You will get a regular repeat clientele for many years ahead. The goodwill and infrastructure you get are truly amazing. The owner is retiring hence you can own this business and infuse fresh energy and enthusiasm in this business. The quoted business price is $150,000 + stock approx.

    For more information about this Nursery Business for Sale in Parnell.

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    Reputed Franchise Fruit and Vegetables Shop

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Fruit and Vegetables

    Asking Price: $ 495,000

    If you are looking to purchase an existing fruit and veg shop then browse through various fruit and veg franchise business in Parnell. This fruit and veg Franchise is located in a suburb (northern Auckland). There are other retail shops nearby hence it brought more foot traffic to this fruit and veg shop. It has ample car parking facility. The rent of this shop is about $2,212 including GST per week. The shop size comprises of440 m². The weekly turnover of this shop is $32,000 during winter and $45,000 to $48,000 during summer. The most important aspect is that you don’t have to buy fruits on your own; the head office will deliver fruits at your shop. As far as the infrastructure is concerned, it has an excellent plant and fitting including 2 large walk-in cool rooms, forklift, CCTV security system and touch screen point of sale system.

    For more information on this Franchise Fruit and Vegetable Shop for Sale.

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    Stunning Restaurant Bar

    Location: Parnell, Auckland

    Category: Restaurant

    Asking Price: $ 825,000

    If you ever dreamt of owning your own restaurant, then it is the right time to buy a well-established restaurant business in Parnell. What are the requirements to turn your dream into a feasible reality?

    This restaurant is located in a residential suburb with sales in excess of $30,000 per week. So being a part of this long secured lease market is surely very beneficial. As far as the seating capacity is concerned, it has over 120 in different areas. Another 40 plus seats are arranged in front of the restaurant.

    Though no expense has been spared here then also the value of the fit out well exceeds the asking price. The other detail information comprises of sales running at around 28%, rent around 7% of sales and a strong lease. You will see a high-end fit-out kitchen and separate wood-fired pizza kitchen. You are getting this at a price of $825,000 plus stock.

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    Luxury Car Rental Business

    Location: Auckland

    Category: Car Rental

    Asking Price: $ 490,000

    Nowadays, you can see car rental business in almost every area. Local rental businesses do have principles and requirements which you need to know as it will help you in taking control of the business. The business of this type is really tough to run but well-established car rental businesses in Parnell are the significant player in this industry. If you buy Car Rental Business in Parnell you will get an established model to work with.

    You are getting a very good opportunity to purchase a profitable and a long-established car rental business. It is centrally located and holds a niche in car rental business. Owing to the strong relationship with the "blue-chip", they are delivering significant levels of loyal repeat business. Over 20 years, they are flourishing in this business. They have earned an overwhelming success due to dynamic fleet management and car rental booking system with high levels of automation.

    For more information about this Luxury Car Rental Business for Sale in Parnell

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