How Can Social Media Be Used To Promote A Business?

Social media has captured the imagination of the young and the old with its incredible features of interconnectivity and mass mobilisation. At the...

  • How Can Social Media Be Used To Promote A Business?
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    How Can Social Media Be Used To Promote A Business?

    • Updated: Tuesday 6th of October 2020
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    Social media has captured the imagination of the young and the old with its incredible features of interconnectivity and mass mobilisation. At the beginning of 2020, New Zealand had 3.6 million social media users, and the numbers are only getting better. With 75% penetration in the country, it is the most prominent place to find customers. Social media may be relatively new in the industry, but it has managed to revolutionise the promotional aspect of marketing completely.

    Small businesses have become household names through networking sites, and the biggest brands have opened the channels of communication with their consumers. It has taken target audience engagement to the next level and cannot be neglected by entities trying to expand their customer base and visibility.

    Thus if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in New Zealand, then you must use the social platforms to grab the attention of your consumers. Social media marketing is the way forward since a huge portion of the population is glued to their Smartphones and computer screens all through the day. So here is how you can leverage the technology for the promotion of your business.

    1. Keep Improving Through Audience Research

    Social media analytics aid in understanding the audience at a deeper level. You will be able to identify your buyers and potential customers who are engaging with the brand online. Audience insights can help you to determine the needs and wants of the target buyers so that you can cater to their desires accordingly. The reports generated by social media sites allow the business owners to get an overview of consumer behaviour and the response of the audience towards the strategies adopted by the company.

    The valuable data is beneficial for making improvements to their offerings based on the information collected. When a business accurately fulfils the desires of the consumers, it cannot deviate from its path to success. As a result, these insights help in enhancing the performance of the business.

    2. Brand Building For Higher Recognition

    People need to know your brand before they start trusting it to make a purchase. Social media is the best avenue to get them acquainted with the company, its values, products and services, pricing, and much more. It helps you to take your brand to a bigger market and acquire new customers. Also, it helps in strengthening your bond with the existing clientele. It can reach millions of people instantly and help the marketer to target specific segments of the audience.

    You can even choose the location through promotional tools available on the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your defined audience. You can create an iconic brand identity through the interactions that will resonate with the audience and make them take notice of your offerings. It is also the best way to keep your audience informed about the latest products and offers.

    3. Creating A Community of Brand Advocates

    Brand loyalty is a significant way to retain your customers, and you can accomplish this feat effortlessly through social networking sites. Facebook and LinkedIn groups and social media influencers can help you to grow through word of mouth publicity. It allows like-minded people to come together and initiate conversations about the business and its products and services. The recommendations coming from the influencers help consumers to build their trust in the brand.

    Most marketers are collaborating with influencers to capitalise on their fan following and create a community of brand advocates who can represent the company online on your behalf. Thus you don’t have to be present on all the channels all the time. The loyalists will take care of the questions and recommendations. Also, they are highly likely to buy from you more often than expected.

    4. Respond To Queries And Offer Quick Resolutions

    Customer service is the key to maintaining a high-performing business. Social media aids in efficient customer relationship management through its ability to address problems swiftly. It helps to track the social perception about the brand and avoid negative reviews and comments from snowballing into a large-scale backlash. The angry and disgruntled customers can be easily pacified by responding quickly with a solution that suffices their needs.

    The marketer should not avoid accepting a mistake and must offer a refund or discount on the next purchase to calm down the upset customer. Since the conversation will be in the public domain, other viewers will be impressed by your quick response time and handling of the situation.

    5. Divert More Traffic To Your Website

    Creating and sharing content on social media sites aids in increasing website traffic and improving online presence. However, you have to be careful about spamming, which can put off the buyers. Thus you must create a social calendar for posting blogs on social media channels and must have a strategy to create a conversation around the topic in the next few days. Stay away from posting the same message again and make sure that it is optimised for every site. You need to fit into the character limits for Twitter and create appropriate images for Instagram and generate hashtags that will get more visibility.

    The links in the posts will take the viewers to your site and increase your web traffic. You can use a variety of content, including infographics, videos, blogs, articles, and curated links for this purpose. If you find valuable and relevant information online that will resonate with your audience, then you can share it and get some links back to your website. You can also run contests and giveaways to persuade the potential customers to click on the ‘add to cart’ button.

    6. Run Retargeting Ads on Social Media

    It is quite common for buyers to browse a site and then move on to the next one without making a purchase. Social retargeting allows the marketer to reintroduce the products viewed by the customer along with a promotion that makes them purchase it. Facebook and Instagram are used for retargeting ads by a variety of businesses which help them to bring back the bounced visitors to their website. A very small percentage of customers make a purchase on their first visit to the website.

    Thus it is imperative to lead them back with the help of retargeted ads that show them their favourite products once again.

    7. Reputation Management

    Any minor situation that can transform into a crisis can be managed effectively on social media. You can gauge the consumer sentiment and monitor the conversations related to your brand at all times. Keep posting informative, relevant and useful content that is readily consumed by your audience instead of just bombarding them with extraneous information. It will secure your position as an authoritative name in social networks.

    Ask your satisfied consumers to write reviews and rate your products to improve your reputation. They can post these reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, etc. Build your credibility by listening to their feedback and nipping all the negativity in the bud.


    Social media sites have become the biggest marketplace for finding and engaging with potential buyers. Thus entrepreneurs planning to purchase a business for sale in New Zealand must take advantage of these platforms to grow their company within their budget.

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