What Is The Best Business To Start In 2021?

The New Year has come as a ray of hope for many who suffered during the pandemic. New Zealand's economy has maintained its resilient character,...

  • What Is The Best Business To Start In 2021?
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    What Is The Best Business To Start In 2021?

    The New Year has come as a ray of hope for many who suffered during the pandemic. New Zealand's economy has maintained its resilient character, and the containment of the virus has helped boost the confidence of budding entrepreneurs. Various trends have emerged in the pandemic-hit world that have paved the way for futuristic and progressive trading. While some are concerned about the risks related to the newfound business operations, others view it as a pathbreaking way to woo the target audience.

    Also, changing consumer behaviour and the unconventional supply methods are presenting a new way forward. Thus, if you are looking for a business for sale in New Zealand, you must be aware of the best opportunities. So here is a list of the most viable and rewarding ventures that can be acquired or launched in 2021 for a successful entrepreneurial stint.

    1. Ecommerce Business

    The COVID-19 alert in the country ensured that people stayed indoors and worked from home. Thus, most of them resorted to online shopping to avoid crowded shopping centres and take advantage of contactless delivery benefits. Online shopping soared by 105% during alert level 3, and the growing confidence of the buyers in this medium makes it highly lucrative.

    You can start selling anything online, from books, electronics, groceries, and cosmetics to baby products, clothes, and accessories. An online business helps to reduce the cost of setting up an office as you can store the items in your house in the initial phase. It comes with minimal running costs and requires a one-time investment for the creation of the website. The venture gives you access to a global audience and the freedom to choose your delivery and payment modes.

    2. Social Media Marketing Business

    Social media has become the lifeline of marketers in the pandemic-stricken world. The use of the medium increased by 47% in the country in 2020. The digital channels are growing in popularity, from making TikTok videos to uploading pictures on Instagram and going live on Facebook. Naturally, they have become the biggest space for promotions.

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can start a social media marketing company and offer the service to small businesses that want to gain higher visibility and improve profits. Social media marketing is the need of the hour and the best way to capture the attention of the target audience. It is economical, highly targeted, and quantifiable, which makes it worthwhile and highly demanded.

    3. Online Service Provider

    Skilled people have the advantage of leveraging their expertise to start a business. From online teaching to bookkeeping, you can provide a plethora of services virtually to various customers and get excellent remuneration for the personalised effort. It is enormously popular because it allows the consumers to sit in the comfort of their home and get things done. You can do a lot on the digital medium, from yoga sessions and meditational courses to pottery and creative art classes.

    Another interesting online service is working as a virtual assistant for the senior management of large enterprises as they need people to manage their day-to-day tasks. The job profile requires organising meetings, replying to emails, coordinating with staff members to convey important messages, book travel tickets, schedule the daily planner, and more.

    4. Cleaning Service

    The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed the emphasis on cleaning in most households and commercial properties. Usually, cleaning companies are turnkey businesses or franchises that can be acquired quickly for an instant income. The demand for the service has increased enormously over the years.

    The industry grew by 4.9% from 2015 to 2020 and is expected to continue its winning streak as most commercial spaces and households require professional cleaning services. With increasing household income and a growing number of businesses in the country, the sector will soar to new heights in the future.

    5. Food Business

    From food trucks and takeaway kiosks to restaurants and home-based catering services, the food business has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. More people are now opting for takeaway and restaurant meals than spending on vegetables and fruits.

    In Auckland alone, the food business sector witnessed an addition of 983 new ventures in 2020. The pandemic has not deterred the investors and food entrepreneurs from putting their money and faith in this money-spinning segment. The growth of the industry depicts its positive future, which can be leveraged by driven individuals.

    6. Cybersecurity Business

    With time, more and more businesses are moving their operations to the digital medium and utilising the cloud for the storage of classified information. Thus, the need for cybersecurity has increased immensely as the threats of attacks have jumped up. Every business has scores of significant data, including customer information, business plans and financial documents, which can be misused by competitors or other market players. To deal with this risk, most businesses need cybersecurity systems and professionals to safeguard their data from breach and violation. Therefore, it is a wise decision to invest in this sector and become a part of the growing industry.

    7. Website Development Service

    In the digital age, it is foolish not to have a website for your business. It helps in building credibility as consumers always run an online check to find out more about the brand. It aids in developing visibility, brand building, increasing revenue streams and improving trustworthiness.

    Thus, every big or small business needs it and if you can provide it to them, you can create a successful business for yourself. Web development companies are minting money in the unprecedented situation created by the pandemic. Thus, it is the best time to start and earn a considerable profit.

    8. App Development Service

    With everyone using a smartphone, most businesses have developed their own apps to stay just a click away from the consumers. It allows the marketers to inform the customers about all the discounts and offers, get their feedback, and increase repeat orders through loyalty programs. Thus, the service is in high demand as app developers help small businesses carve a niche in the competitive market space and enhance profits.


    The commercial landscape is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs who need to find the right platform to get started. Thus, if you are looking for the best businesses for sale in New Zealand, then keep the sectors mentioned above in mind to make a grand entry into the marketplace.

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