Expert Tips on How to Align Your Remote Team's Goals

In the wake of the coronavirus, New Zealand has implemented the strictest lockdown ever. The level 4 lockdown, which may ease up soon as the new ca...

  • Expert Tips on How to Align Your Remote Team's Goals
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    Expert Tips on How to Align Your Remote Team's Goals

    • Updated: Sunday 10th of May 2020
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    In the wake of the coronavirus, New Zealand has implemented the strictest lockdown ever. The level 4 lockdown, which may ease up soon as the new cases have significantly reduced, required all businesses and schools to close down and people to stay at home. The month-long level-4 lockdown has brought public life to a standstill.

    However, many small businesses have continued with their operations through the help of remote working facility to sustain trade in the economically challenging times. It wasn’t too difficult for employers to shift the working processes online as a recent survey had indicated that one-third of the working population in New Zealand had worked from home before COVID-19 pandemic.

    While it may not be possible for labourers and machine operators to work remotely, a significant part of the workforce has managed to keep the industry going. If you have purchased a business for sale in New Zealand and have adopted the new working mechanism, then you must align the remote working goals of your team.

    It will allow you to increase productivity and maintain a cohesive work strategy that is directed towards the business objectives. Let us take a look.

    1. Speak To Your Team Effectively

    The first part of collaboration is working in tandem through effective communication tools that allow face-to-face meetings via video conferencing. Make sure that all the team members follow the regular office hours and should be online to attend team meetings that will make them feel connected and energised. Instant messages and emails can become monotonous.

    Thus a quick early-morning conference call can help in boosting the energy levels by extending the feeling of coffee dispenser chat sessions and morning banter. To make sure that everyone is aligned with the company goals, the entrepreneur must focus on building a team spirit and bringing everyone on the same page.

    Thus all the instructions must be presented in a clear manner to all the managers and sent in emails to avoid getting lost in translation. It will aid in reducing errors due to miscommunication and will establish consistency.

    2. Setting Goals for the Remote Team

    When you move your work online, you need to create short-term and long-term goals for the company as well as the team. The virtual teams should have objectives that allow them to grow and become more skilful. Communicating the broader perspective to the employees is significant in making them aligned to the company goals.

    It helps them to realise the value of their tasks and how they can make a difference as an employee. It creates a sense of belongingness and establishes specific and measurable goals for each individual. Also, make sure that the goals are time-bound so that the sense of urgency is not lost while sitting at home.

    3. Allow The Managers to Become Mentors

    The managers responsible for their teams should become the guides and supervisors of their subordinates. They should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each member and allocate work accordingly. They should make sure to appreciate the work of the employees in team meetings so that they feel motivated to innovate.

    Also, they must arrange for online face-to-face meetings for training these individuals in skills that they are lacking. The manager must assign daily tasks that are correlated with the company mission and stimulate them to contribute without feeling detached and aloof. The personal-level interaction and monitoring can make them feel a part of something big and accountable.

    4. Concentrate On The Results

    As the business owner, you might be concerned whether your employees are working throughout the work hours or not. However, it does not mean checking up on them every 15-20 minutes. Your workforce comprises talented candidates who are responsible workers which has helped you to create an iconic brand identity and business. They don’t need someone breathing down their necks.

    As the leader of the organisation, you must focus on getting the desired output from the employees. You should evaluate whether they are meeting their personal goals set by their managers and how they are performing. If you find any gaps in their results, then you can hold a session on understanding their work habits at home and how they need to change them to achieve their defined objectives. The managers should prepare weekly status reports for their members to ensure that everyone has ample assigned work, and no one is overloaded.

    5. Successful Operations Need Responsible Management

    Although the employees need to be accountable, the employers also need to make sure that they are making work comfortable and synchronised. The teams must be provided with the required software and tools that allow them to work remotely without spending any money on these arrangements. Also, make sure that the information being exchanged online is secure and cannot be misused.

    Provide guidelines for their use like the Zoom Security Advice for Public Servants. The management also needs to understand that COVID-19 may have a depressing impact on several people who love going out and mingling with other people. In the era of social distancing, it might make them grumpy and flare up tempers.

    It can lead to conflicts and dissatisfaction. Thus it is the duty of the management to keep them positive and encouraged at all times. Don’t let them feel anxious about the future of the company and their jobs. Help them to look at the brighter side and work towards achieving the collective goals.

    6. Brainstorming Sessions Should Not Be Missed

    Remote teams may get some non-work talk during video calls with colleagues. However, the brainstorming sessions may take a back seat. It should not happen as the voice, opinions and ideas of all the members are vital for effective collaboration and teamwork.

    Make sure the board room meetings and presentations are also managed and organised online to keep things going the same way as they were before the level 4 lockdown. It will instil confidence into the employees and keep the work streamlined. Teams can be divided into groups for these sessions, and training can be organised in a similar manner for a progressive work schedule.

    7. Recognising The Effort of Your Employees

    Although employees work for their salaries, they are also in need of moral support and approval from their seniors. If your remote team is making the business work in the same capacity as it was doing earlier, then you must show your admiration and appreciation.

    Send emails to the entire teams with positive feedback that display gratitude. Also, send personable messages or conduct an online video call with the best performers to make them feel valued by acknowledging their hard work. It enhances the loyalty of your employees and encourages them to perform better every day.


    While the virus may get eliminated soon, remote working will remain an essential part of organisations because of its benefits and comfort level. Thus if you are looking for business opportunities in New Zealand, then you must utilise the expert tips mentioned above to align your remote teams.

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