The Best Places to Own a Business in New Zealand

New Zealand is as famous for its beautiful environs and culture as it for owning a business. The stunning landscape of the country is filled with n...

  • The Best Places to Own a Business in New Zealand
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    The Best Places to Own a Business in New Zealand

    New Zealand is as famous for its beautiful environs and culture as it for owning a business. The stunning landscape of the country is filled with nature’s bounty along with many start-ups and established enterprises making a global presence. The economy of the country is expected to improve by 2.7% in 2019 and 2.5% in 2020. It is the least regulated economy offering a free market to entrepreneurs. The country is among the biggest exporters of dairy products and many primary commodities.

    Strong tourism industry supported by the influx of Asian travellers will continue to help the economy grow from strength to strength in future as well. The stock market has gained 22% in 2017 and has been stabilised with the help of increased migration, rising tourism, construction growth and low-interest rates. Improving international trade with major European countries and developed nations is further bolstering the upward swing. By all means, this is the perfect time to acquire a business for sale in New Zealand if you want to do away with the hassle of starting something from scratch.

    The location of the established venture is of utmost significance as it plays a crucial role in the success of the enterprise. Let us provide you with a list of the best places to own a business in New Zealand. Take a look.

    1. Auckland

    The iconic city of New Zealand, Auckland is an economic stronghold contributing 38% to the national GDP. The nominal GDP of Auckland created a buzz in the markets when it reached the milestone of $100 billion in 2017. Being the largest urban area in the country, it boasts of phenomenal commercial activity spread across its length and breadth. Here are a few areas within Auckland that promise a plethora of rewarding business opportunities.


    The oldest suburb of the city, Parnell is famed for its upmarket boutiques and markets along with restaurants and bars. The beautiful and historical suburb is a tourist hotspot and a hub of retail trade. If you want to explore the vibrant economic flavour of this suburb, check out the listings for businesses for sale in Parnell, Auckland.


    The epicentre of Auckland’s North Shore, Albany has been working its way up the ladder of a positive economic environment. With a steady increase in its population, the suburb has secured its position as a viable commercial centre in Auckland. Major residential and commercial developments have brought many skilled workers to this hinterland. If you want to become a part of this success story, then follow the link below to have a look at the listings for business for sale in Albany, Auckland.

    Gulf Harbour

    The Gulf Harbour is known for its beaches and is among the country’s largest marinas. It is the Auckland suburb with the highest median income of NZ$60,000. It has many avenues for setting up a thriving business as it is close to the waters. If you want to try your luck here, then check out the listings for businessses for sale in Gulf Harbour, Auckland, given in the link below.

    2. Wellington

    The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington is the second most populated region in the country with thriving tourism industry and high job growth. The business and consumer confidence have amplified with investors showing interest in the optimistic mood of the region. The conditions are highly conducive for business growth, and that is why scores of options are available to entrepreneurs. Take a look at some of the happening places in Wellington.

    Wellington Central

    This inner-city suburb of Wellington consists of the northern part of the central business district and is home to many skyscrapers which adorn its skyline. The bustling suburb throws up an eclectic mix of trade and vibrant nightlife. If you want to own a business in the Wellington Central, then click on the link below.


    This coastal town is located to the north of Wellington in the North Island of New Zealand. It is one of the fastest developing towns in the country and is located close to Lindale which is famous for tourism and cheese. The happening trade markets have enough scope for growth of established ventures. If you plan to acquire a business in Paraparaumu, Wellington, then click on the link below.


    Porirua is a part of the Wellington metropolitan area and surrounds the Porirua Harbour. It has recently experienced huge growth in a number of industries such as agriculture, health, construction, professional services, beverage manufacturing, etc. If you want to make a contribution in its commercial boom and buy a business in Porirua, Wellington, then look at the listings available on the link below.

    3. Canterbury

    The densely populated region of Canterbury lies in central-eastern South Island and boasts of a diversified economy. With strong industrial hold in sectors like agriculture, fishing, forestry, tourism and energy, the sub-national GDP of the area reached US$15.074 billion in 2003. It is quite famous for manufacturing and wine growing. The thriving economy of the region attracts many investors who have set up their businesses in its high-growth areas. Here are the top 3 listed for you.


    A vibrant suburb of Christchurch, Addington is located a few kilometres from the city centre. Known for its agriculturally rich land and trade activity, the suburb is home to many retail and light industries. If you wish to set up your shop here, then take a look at the business for sale in Addington, Canterbury, to get going.


    The lovely and charming area is the largest city in South Island and the Canterbury region. Densely populated, the city is a farming hub and agriculture has become its lifeline. Besides agribusinesses, wine and dairy are the next big sectors that have been generating huge profits. If you want to make the most of this flourishing economy and buy a business in Christchurch, Canterbury, then click on the link below.


    A port city in southern Canterbury, Timaru is a massive urban area which is well-known for Caroline Bay, a popular tourist hotspot. The city has a productive agricultural industry and is one of the biggest cargo ports involved in import and export trade. It is the second biggest fishing port in the country. To realise your entrepreneurial dreams in this financially viable city, and to have a look at the business for sale in Timaru, Canterbury, follow the link below.

    4. Northland

    Known as the Far North, Northland is filled with lush greenery, bays and peninsulas. Highly dependent on agriculture, the region is involved in fishing, forestry and horticulture. With a thickly forested hinterland, Northland also plays a big part in wood and paper manufacturing. Additionally, it is also the favoured destination of travellers who have opened hospitality based avenues for entrepreneurs. To make your presence felt in its trade sector, you must focus on the following areas.


    The regional capital of Northland, Whangarei enjoys a versatile economy with a stronghold in tourism, farming, horticulture, forestry, manufacturing, marine engineering, ICT and much more. If you wish to join one of its dynamic industries and look for a business for sale in Whangarei, Northland, click on the link below.


    The largest town in Northland, Kerikeri is popular for being home to the first permanent mission station in the country. It is much loved by the tourists and is known for the production of a variety of fruits. Over 27% of the households in Kerikeri were earning more than $70,000 in 2013. The fast developing town is the best place to invest in Northland. Click on the link below to find some businesses for sale in Kerikeri, Northland.


    Positioned on the banks of Wairoa River, Dargaville is a district which is the most significant producer of sweet potato in the country. The district has many thriving industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, retail, forestry and construction. The GDP of Dargaville was $284 million in 2018. Here are some of the best investment opportunities in Dargaville, Northland.

    5. Otago

    A region positioned in the south of the South Island, Otago is a thickly populated place popular for its award-winning wines including the world-famous Pinot noir. Dominated by rural and primary industries, Otago has a mixed economy which is dependent on pastoral farming and fruit growing. The region enjoys a high rate of employment, substantial small-sized industries and growing GDP. If you wish to start your entrepreneurial journey here, then concentrate on the following areas for a successful beginning.


    A clam town in Central Otago, Alexandra is positioned next to the Clutha River and has many rural industries. From irrigation and horticulture to agriculture and viticulture, the region is full of opportunities that can be utilised for capital gains. If you want to try your luck in this town and own a business ut up for sale in Alexandra, Otago, then follow the link below.


    The main city of Otago region, Dunedin is surrounded by lush valleys and undulating hills. Its dynamic economy offers a multitude of growing business portfolios including manufacturing, technology, publishing, tourism, education, research, etc. To grab a share in this thriving market, check out the business for sale in Dunedin, Otago, given here.


    A resort town in Otago, the bustling Queenstown is well-recognised for Lake Wakatipu, splendid peaks and adventure tourism. It has the most robust growth rate in New Zealand with a high number of jobs available in tourism and hospitality-based businesses. If you want to become a part of this high-growth sector, then take a look at the business opportunities in Queenstown, Otago, by following the link given below.


    It is not easy to figure out the best location for your business. However, when you have access to listings for businesses for sale in New Zealand, then finding the most rewarding opportunity becomes much easier. So choose your destination and get things rolling.

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