5 Small Businesses You Can Start In Your Twenties


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  • 5 Small Businesses You Can Start In Your Twenties
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    5 Small Businesses You Can Start In Your Twenties

    The twenties are the wonder years when you are full of energy and enthusiasm. It is the time when you are ready to take on the world and prove your mettle. So why not put this overzealous time to good use and make the most of this decade that will help you to create financial security for the future. While your friends are busy partying all night and whiling away their time on social media, you can sneak your way out and begin an endeavour that satisfies your creative and financial urges. This is the ideal time to start a business as you have far lesser commitments than people in their 30s and 40s, and are much better placed than your parent’s generation. The digital and technological advancements have paved the way for faster and brighter career prospects that can take you places. In fact, the best way to get into the marketplace is to purchase an existing business for sale in New Zealand as it involves lesser risk and groundwork. Running a franchise means that you get access to a loyal customer base, impressive infrastructure, and time-tested management policies which diminish the possibility of failure.

    New Zealand has a thriving globalised economy which is booming due to a robust international trade segment. The service sector has been witnessing improvement in its numbers and broke all records in early 2017. The growing sector accounts for 2/3rd of the national economy and is expected to keep growing in the coming years. New Zealand ranks highly in the world for its quality of life and economic freedom. It is ideal for small businesses as it offers low operational costs and is way cheaper than other countries in the world. Going by the statistics, the country promises a prosperous future with the GDP likely to touch the figure of 284.69 billion US Dollars by 2022.

    Here is a list of five small businesses which you can start in your twenties for faster growth and personal development without thinking twice.

    Online retail store

    The retail sector has been growing positively over the past few years and shows immense potential due to the increasing demand for indigenous products and imported goods. The best part about online retailing is that the owner doesn’t need to have a physical brick and mortar shop or stock up on inventory. A well-designed website with a secure payment gateway can easily make you a name to reckon with in the industry. The sector is so diverse that there is always room for more competition and newer businesses. From consumer durables like furniture and home appliances to non-durables like grocery and cosmetics, there are plenty of options to be sold online. The investment cost is negligible, and anybody can start this business without having any experience in the sector. If you have been waiting for such a promising opportunity all your life, look no further just follow the link below to take the plunge:


    Café and Coffee Shop

    Lately, New Zealand has been undergoing a coffee revolution as more and more Kiwis are becoming connoisseurs of the refreshing drink. From strong black and flat white to latte and Americano, the list of brews and blends is endless. The franchise fever has caught up this sector in a big way with as many as 40 Starbucks running in the country. The swelling demand for the beverage has led to opening up of many cafes and coffee shops in all the busy precincts, which have made them a part of the culture of the younger generation. There are shops as small as to accommodate just the owner and the coffee machine to as big as comprising of a lavish lounge area. It is a lucrative business opportunity that can be leveraged to gain maximum profits. It is easy to manage and does not require any previous background in the field. If you have an unending love for coffee, then it is high time you made it your profession. Here is the link to grab a cafe and coffee business for sale:


    Childcare centre

    With a growing population of working parents, the demand for childcare centres has been escalating at an unprecedented rate. Regions with a high residential population of families with young kids are the best target market for this business which is a guaranteed successful venture. The best way to get into this segment is to purchase an already established centre for sale so that you do not have to worry about the set-up, licences and finding trained employees. Also, it would come with a list of frequent customers who can bring in more parents through word of mouth. Thus if you love to be around kids or have a knack for dealing with them, running a childcare centre is the best bet for you. Follow the link below to find a perfect business that matches your needs:


    Food business

    If you are a master chef at home and love whipping up new delicacies from around the world, then it’s time you put your skills to some good use. Food and beverage industry is flourishing in New Zealand as the purchasing power of the population is increasing, and people are becoming more open to casual dining and takeaway food options. Also, the current busy and hectic lifestyle has created a weekend outing culture with a plethora of restaurants waiting to serve world-class cuisine to patrons. The revenue of the food and beverage industry is estimated to grow by 4% over the five-year period of 2014-19, and the revenue is expected to reach $5.5 billion during the same time. Besides, there are plenty of franchise food outlets in the market ranging from pizza delivery to fine gourmet dining that can be acquired to set the cash registers ringing. If the idea seems inspiring, then stop wasting time and click on the link below to start running your dream business:


    Financial advisory service

    This is a promising venture if you are an accountant or have a degree in finance. Every business needs an accountant for bookkeeping purposes. In fact, many companies are forced to shut down their shops because they are not able to maintain their books. This is an important aspect of running any kind of enterprise and is always in demand. You can begin a start-up all by yourself and provide consultation to as many small businesses as you can, or you can buy a franchise company to begin operating as a financial service provider. You can start working in a number of areas such as income tax preparation, insurance consulting, auditing, asset management, accounting, tax consulting and more. With such a diverse portfolio, the sky is the limit for you. If you think you are cut out for this profession, click on the link below to start your own finance business:



    Thus if you are in your twenties and raring to go, this list can help you chase your dreams with minimum investment and effort. Figure out the venture that excites you the most and begin researching the market to identify a booming business for sale in New Zealand to become an entrepreneur without any hassles.

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